Sewage treatment and reuse of recycled water are the important links to water application, water conservation and environmental protection. Since 1960s, CQEC started focusing on the treatment of various types of industrial and domestic sewage, and has completed over 700 industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment projects.

Sewage Treatment Plant of Nanchang Xiaolan Industrial Park, Jiangxi

Wastewater Treatment Project of Pannan Xiangshui Coal Mine

Electroplating Sewage Treatment and Recycle Project of Nan-an Electroplating Center, Fujian

Xianyang South Suburb Wastewater Treatment Plant

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of Fugu County

Sewage Treatment Project of New Campus of Xidian University

Jinjia Mine Water Treatment Project of Panjiang Fine Coal Co., Ltd, Guizhou