CQEC made lots of efforts on the project design of new photovoltaic materials, solar hull cells and trash incineration power generation etc. We have provided technical service for Polysilicon Production Project of Luoyang Wannian Silicon Material Co., Ltd., Demonstration Project of Wuhu Sludge Mixed Combustion Power Generation, Chengdu Xiangfu Trash Incineration Power Plant of CECEP, Trash Incineration Power Plant of Tianshui Recycling Industrial Park and Zhenjiang Solar Panel Manufacturing Base of CECEP etc. Since merging into CECEP in 2010, CQEC started active research and study of technologies for waste treatment equipment, waste disposal project, waste power generation project, green environmental protection project, wind-turbine power generation project, solar photovoltaic power generation project, waste heat power generation project, and renewable energy equipment manufacturing.

Wuhu Sludge Power Generation Demonstration Project in Anhui Province

Zhenjiang 300MW/a Solar Cells and Panels Project of CECEP