CQEC has undertaken and completed dozens of national, provincial and ministerial levels scientific research projects, thus has applied and owned 3 patents and several know-hows. We have completed over 100 exhaust gas treatment projects for industrial boilers, power station boilers and captive power plants. We have finished more than 50 noise control projects as well. 5 national, provincial and ministerial science and technological progress awards were awarded to us for such projects. CQEC is the chief editing company of "Environmental Protection Design Specification for Machinery Industry" (JBJ16-2000) and is the editing company of "Technical Guidelines for Air Pollution Control Engineering".

Nitrogen Removal and Denitration Project of 85t/h & 142t/h Boilers of Energy Center of Guangzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Denitration System Improvement Project of3×65t/h Coal-fired Boilers of Guangdong Nanfang Soda Industry Co., Ltd.